In an increasingly competitive media environment, where magazines are often undervalued by agencies and clients, Bauer Insights IQ set out to prove the effectiveness of magazines through an econometrics study.

Marketing Challenge

Our key insight came from a Kantar Millward Brown study of 330 marketers across the world. It identified the number one marketing challenge was measuring and providing return on investment (ROI), with more than half of all clients not confident that their advertising dollars were being allocated effectively to the right channels. The challenge in a small market, such as New Zealand, is that ROI studies require a significant investment in research, preventing many advertisers from ever undertaking them.

Strategy & Execution

In partnership with Nielsen, we undertook an econometrics study that would deliver the ROI for each media dollar invested by Reckitt Benckiser in its Finish Quantum Ultimate campaign with Bauer Media.
To execute the project we first asked our audiences, what was the most annoying thing about doing the dishes, and used the insights gained from this survey to underpin the content we would create and execute across our brands. Understanding our audiences and how to effectively engage with them, is a core strength of Bauer’s that we tap into to drive engagement.

Using the expertise of Bauer’s Media Collective, we then created a five-month campaign, executed across eight consumer brands, print and digital. It reached 3,042,790 touchpoints and the print campaign alone achieved a 74% reach against Reckitt Benckiser’s target audience. It delivered a strong brand retail message, demonstrated undeniable product results, and ultimately invited audiences for a behind-the-scenes look that really put the product to the test.

Nielsen then undertook the rigorous marketing mix regression model analysis to determine the impact that media, trade promotions at individual store level, consumer promotions and other factors such as seasonality and competitive launches and activity had on the sales of Finish Quantum Ultimate.


1.Bauer’s print campaign for Finish Quantum Ultimate generated a return on investment of $1.96 for every dollar invested. TV generated a return of $0.76.
2.The annual TV campaign commanded 88% of the media spend but only contributed to 74% of the incremental sales, whereas Bauer’s three-month campaign represented 11% of the media spend but contributed to 25% of incremental sales.

“Print remains the most efficient tactic. Print has generated >2x more ROI compared to TV and it is still under-executed.” – Geoff Smith, Commercial Development Director, Nielsen

“The results of our research with Nielsen for the Finish Quantum Ultimate brand were extremely positive! Bauer Media’s campaign strategy and implementation was excellent and having evidence of our return on investment and Bauer’s influence within the marketing mix, will help inform our approach to planning moving forward. Magazines have proven to be an effective media choice for our client.” – Susan Benseman, Business Director, Zenith.

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