Dancing in the eye of the hurricane – Thriving in the age of acceleration

Media typically aims to reflect reality. But it can also influence it. In the interests of better understanding the supernova of technological change and globalisation, our research division, Bauer Insights IQ, examined how New Zealanders are responding to this unprecedented pace of change and what it means for brands.


Change is inevitable and it’s no surprise so many people feel fearful or unmoored these days. We are living arguably through one of the greatest inflection points in history: 58% of all New Zealanders say they don’t know who or what to trust these days and driving the feelings of mistrust are social media, politicians, fake news and issues with big data.

Brands must concentrate on winning the trust of customers while staying ahead of technological progress.

Interconnectivity doesn’t mean inclusivity

Social media is good for collective sharing but not always great for collective building – some 72% of New Zealanders agree that social media often focuses on the negative and can be very destructive.

Perhaps it’s reassuring that 87% agree social media is no substitute for seeing their friends face to face. Even 79% of those under 40 agree, with 77% of Gen Z in agreement, which is encouraging as social interaction is so important. And 72% said it is more important than ever to build strong neighbourhoods and communities; when people feel protected, respected and connected in a healthy community, it generates enormous trust.

Change is the only certainty

As technology allows for greater innovation, it will be the inventions that solve everyday problems for consumers that will really take hold.

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