OurAuckland is a publishing partnership between Auckland Council and Bauer Media, two organisations that share the goal of pushing Auckland forward. It acts as an ambassador for the region, celebrates its unique identity and unifies Aucklanders in shared experiences and conversations. Through a blend of inspiration, discovery and utility, OurAuckland encourages readers to uncover all corners of their city and informs them of the diverse issues that matter so they can live a more fulfilling and engaged life. OurAuckland provides the news you can use in an energetic, optimistic, inclusive and fun way. A catalyst for both celebration and change, OurAuckland drives pride in the city and a deep sense of connection for all Aucklanders.

Editorial Director

Ben Fahy

Auckland is a city on the rise – quite literally, judging by all the cranes – and the positivity is palpable. It’s the country’s commercial centre and an increasingly important tech and innovation hub for the Asia Pacific
region; the increasingly well-thought-out public spaces, modern architecture, major events and vibrant fashion, art, music and hospitality scenes have brought a buzz to the region; and easy access to a range of natural wonders rounds out the package. By almost all independent measures, it is one of the world’s best and most diverse cities. And the exciting thing is that it’s only getting better. When I came to live
in Auckland around nine years ago, the Silo Park and North Wharf didn’t exist, Britomart was just getting started, the trains were loud and unelectrified, there was no Onehunga Foreshore, there were only a few
cycle lanes and the City Rail Link was just a twinkle in a planner’s eye. How things have changed in that short time. The city is a living organism and our goal with OurAuckland is to be at the centre of that ecosystem; to showcase the vibrancy, diversity, creativity and beauty of the region – and to inspire more pride in the city among
the many interesting characters that inhabit it. We hope you’ll come along for the ride.