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The gold standard for any magazine, in the era of unlimited free online content, is whether readers value the journalism enough to seek it out and pay for it. Listener readers do just that. Driven by the strength of its agenda setting content, the New Zealand Listener is New Zealand’s best-selling current affairs magazine with a per capita circulation higher than Time, the New Yorker and Spectator. In fact, this heritage magazine is a modern success story: circulation is stable, readership is strong and our subscriber base continues to be one of the nation’s highest. The Listener remains one of New Zealand’s most recognised brands, informing and entertaining Kiwis through eight decades and bringing its iconic wit and humour to homes every week. In a world of fake news, the Listener produces a compelling and accurate weekly read that is not afraid to rattle cages but which is a positive, energising force in New Zealand’s cultural, intellectual and political life. During times of profound change, people gravitate to magazines they trust – New Zealanders trust the Listener.


Pamela Stirling

Pamela Stirling has been the Editor-in-Chief of the Listener for almost fifteen years, and under her leadership the Listener has won more awards than any other magazine in New Zealand. As an investigative journalist for fifteen years prior to her editorship, Stirling was the recipient of research scholarships for Cambridge and Stanford Universities, and has since given lectures on journalism. She has also worked for government agencies including the State Services Commission and has contributed to a number of books.

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