Food to Love

Food to Love is the digital home that brings New Zealand’s favourite recipes together with inspirational and educational food and cooking content from Food magazine, Taste, Nadia, NZ Woman’s Weekly and Woman’s Day. Our recipes are local and delicious and thoroughly tested so you know you can trust them to work. We believe that preparing and sharing food brings people together.

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Milla Novak

With a background in digital media and magazine design, Milla brings her design skills to the role of Digital Editor at Food to Love. Milla's special interest is in producing quality creative content; and how this content can engage, entertain and inform us. Her focus is to inspire the Food to Love audience through the use of two secret ingredients; top-notch digital content combined with truly delicious food!

"Helping Kiwis win in the kitchen is the goal here at Food to Love. Whether feeding the family or entertaining guests, sharing and preparing food sustains us and helps create memorable occasions." - Milla Novak, Digital Editor Food to Love.

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