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Farm Trader has long been New Zealand’s leading farm machinery publication and website, reaching farm owners, farm managers, and contractors responsible for making purchasing decisions. With every issue containing a diverse range of machinery tests and reviews, stories about farming and machinery innovations, and technical advice from experts in the industry, Farm Trader is dedicated to helping inform farmers on cutting-edge business practices and the latest technologies and machinery on the market. With a solid focus on buying and selling farm machinery, the Farm Trader magazine and website are the places to go when it comes to being informed and entertained.


Lisa Potter

Lisa grew up on a dairy farm in Ireland, where her interests were then more focused around equestrian pursuits than tractor and machinery horsepower. After moving to New Zealand in her late teens and being immersed in farming in the Waikato, she has worked as a journalist and editor for more years than she cares to admit.
Having been involved as the editor for Farm Trader for more than five years, Lisa thrives on meeting the many characters involved in farming and contracting around New Zealand. “Farmers and people who make their living from the land are always exceptionally interesting people to interview,” she says. “They know the meaning of perseverance and they’re always equipped with a great sense of humour.
“It’s the people we meet and their unique outlooks on life that allow us to create such interesting content. And it doesn’t hurt that we get to check out the latest and greatest in farm machinery, tractors, and innovation from around the country.”

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