Simply You

Published quarterly, Simply You is a go-to shopping guide for New Zealand women. Featuring stunning interiors, fashion, style and beauty showcased in a premium format, Simply You is a complete reference tool for our appearance-proud audience to see, shop and style everything they desire from the new collections
in one experience.

Simply You brings its successful ‘everyday luxury’ approach to life with a successful events calendar, digital offering, weekly EDM and social media platforms. Simply You offers a unique environment for advertisers, where complete integration provides your brand a direct
link to our audience.


Bleed (h x w)
Trim (h x w)
Type (h x w)
Full Page
285.0mm x 230.0mm
275.0mm x 220.0mm
245.0mm x 190.0mm
Double Page Spread
285.0mm x 230.0mm
275.0mm x 220.0mm
245.0mm x 190.0mm
Half Page Vertical
285.0mm x 128.0mm
275.0mm x 118.0mm
245.0mm x 98.0mm


Four Colour
Inside Front Cover
Outside Back Cover
Double Page Spread
Full Page
Half Page Horizontal
Third Page Horizontal
Quarter Page


Issue Name
On Sale Date
Booking Deadline
Material Deadline
Inserts To Printer Deadline
Cancellation Deadline
Simply You Living - NZ Mar 19
4 Mar 2019
11 Feb 2019
13 Feb 2019
19 Feb 2019
20 Dec 2018
Simply You Living - NZ Jun-19
17 Jun 2019
27 May 2019
29 May 2019
4 Jun 2019
4 Apr 2019
Simply You Living - NZ Sep-19
26 Aug 2019
5 Aug 2019
7 Aug 2019
13 Aug 2019
13 Jun 2019
Simply You Living - NZ Dec-19
25 Nov 2019
4 Nov 2019
6 Nov 2019
12 Nov 2019
12 Sep 2019
Material Specs