Miss FQ

Affectionately referred to as Fashion Quarterly’s ‘little sister’, Miss FQ borrows from the fashion credibility and aspirational values of the FQ masthead to provide cutting-edge inspiration for teens and millennials on all things fashion, beauty, celebrity, fitspo, careers, life and love. The Miss FQ brand launched in June 2016 at MissFQ.co.nz and immediately cemented itself as the go-to destination for smart,stylish, savvy young women looking to FOMO-proof their lives by being the first to know what’s #trending both at home and abroad.


Bleed (h x w)
Trim (h x w)
Type (h x w)
Double page spread
275 x 430
265 x 420
250 x 390
Full page
275 x 220
265 x 210
250 x 195


Full Colour
Double page spread
Full page
Third page vertical
Inside front cover
Outside back cover
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