Lucky Break

Welcome to Lucky Break – the magazine that speaks to middle New Zealand. The things that matter most to our readers are their family and community. It’s not about celebrities, it’s about the person next door and their incredible triumphs and tragedies – everyday Kiwis are the stars of Lucky Break. But we also offer so much more, including tried-and-tested recipes, beauty advice and puzzles and prizes.


Bleed (h x w)
Trim (h x w)
Type (h x w)
Full Page
285.0mm x 220.0mm
275.0mm x 210.0mm
253.0mm x 185.0mm
Double Page Spread
285.0mm x 430.0mm
275.0mm x 420.0mm
253.0mm x 392.0mm
Half Page Vertical
285.0mm x 115.0mm
275.0mm x 105.0mm
253.0mm x 92.0mm
Half Page Horizontal
147.0mm x 220.0mm
137.0mm x 210.0mm
122.0mm x 185.0mm
Third Page Vertical
285.0mm x 80.0mm
275.0mm x 70.0mm
253.0mm x 58.0mm
Third Page Horizontal
102.0mm x 220.0mm
92.0mm x 210.0mm
77.0mm x 185.0mm
Horizontal Strip
35.0mm x 220.0mm
25.0mm x 210.0mm
12.0mm x 185.0mm
Horizontal Strip Spread
35.0mm x 430.0mm
25.0mm x 420.0mm
12.0mm x 392.0mm
Two Thirds Page Vertical
285.0mm x 149.0mm
275.0mm x 139.0mm
253.0mm x 125.0mm
Two Thirds Page Horizontal
193.0mm x 220.0mm
183.0mm x 210.0mm
170.0mm x 185.0mm
Quarter Page Vertical
285.0mm x 63.0mm
275.0mm x 53.0mm
253.0mm x 40.0mm
Quarter Page Horizontal Spread
79.0mm x 430.0mm
69.0mm x 420.0mm
50.0mm x 392.0mm
Quarter Page Horizontal
79.0mm x 220.0mm
69.0mm x 210.0mm
50.0mm x 185.0mm


Four Colour
Inside Front Cover
Outside Back Cover
Full Page
Double Page Spread
Half Page Horizontal
Half Page Vertical
Third Page Horizontal
Material Specs